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Introduction of UCT International Culture Development Center



Beginning subtitle: UCT International Culture Development

Section 1. Brief Introduction:

narrator: The UCT International Cultural Development is a non-profit organization recognized by the Local New York State Government. Devoting itself to the international culture exchange, the organization held and sponsored a variety of programs targeting and promoting the communication of culture, economy and education among the United States, China, Thailand and other countries. The UCT International Cultural Development was first established in 1995 in Thailand. In 1999, a branch was registered in New York. In 2003, the company was reorganized into the present structure. Internationally well-known activist Ms. Anna SHANNOT is the Honorary President for Life of UCT. And the well-known Chinese calligrapher Prof. Guodong Li, the dean of the Thailand Calligraphy and Painting Institution is the artistic consultant of UCT. The famous Chinese actor Mr. Honglei Sun is the artistic director, and the President of UCT is Yiling Li, a well-known Chinese-American young artist, born in China and living in America. She herself is a fashion designer, famous movie and TV producer, choreographer, producer and writer.

Section 2. Business Scope:

narrator: The world in the 21st century is a world of culture which is becoming an important factor of national strength. Acupuncture, flower art, calligraphy, these magnificent Chinese traditional cultures are gradually attracting Western countries and the attention of the world.

UCT is aimed at the promotion of Asian arts and culture, especially Chinese and Thai arts and culture in the world, promoting East-West harmony, understanding and cultural exchanges, specifically the following:

Organize Chinese and Western culture exchange activities, art exhibitions, student exchange programs, charities that help poor children and so on to promote East-West cultural exchanges.

Plan and organize all kinds of performances, parties, a variety of shows and organizations for anniversaries and celebrations.

Plan and carry out media, publicity events, including public relationships, press conferences for celebrities, advertising agencies and creating web pages.

Video and audio production for various types of television programs, films, documentaries, album AND MUSIC VIDEOS.

Provide professional videos, photos, post-editing equipment and professional technicians.

Promote mutual understanding among countries and regions in the world.

Write autobiography and memoirs for celebrities.

Offer kinds of courses including Chinese, English and art.

Through all these work and events, our center is hoping to create a comprehensive platform of cultural exchange and media information.

Section 3. Competitive Advantage

Subtitles-the most extensive resources

narrator: Ms. Yiling Li is a well-known and well-connected artist, experienced media professional, writer, and producer. UCT boasts rich resources and expertise in culture, arts, media, medicine, law and other fields. So, UCT has superior and extensive media, place and human resources.

Subtitles-the most professional team

narrator: UCT employs senior managers for marketing and public relations with the most professional video equipment and technicians. Our employees are good at public relations organizing and planning, being familiar with the culture of the U.S. and China. UCT is experienced in public relations, literary writing and planning; it guarantees every activity and every detail from planning and promotion to organization, and the RECORDS ARE PERFORMED WITH THE UTMOST PROFESSIONALISM.

Subtitles-the most sincere service

narrator: UCT has many years of experience in media operations, marketing planning and research. UCT’s policy is “Honest, Efficient, and Professional”. It provides enterprises with complete, high-quality, and FREE information of public relations and marketing services. UCT can tailor plans to meet the needs of different clients with no charges.

Section 4.Sucessful Achievement

narrator: UCT International Cultural Development has held plenty of cultural exchange programs, traveling and recommending meetings from the year of 2003 in the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Thailand and other countries. And now UCT has become a significant cultural community in New York.

In 2000 in New York , UCT hosted dance party “Light of the Century”.

President Ms. Yiling Li participated in the first Asian Royal Beauty Pageant held in New York and eventually won the title of “Asian Royal Princess”.

2001, produced a Chinese-style musical performance in New York entitled “The Chinese Mermaid”.

2001, together with other organizations in the United States, presented a program entitled ‘Ode to the 911 Heroes” for the heroic rescuers of the 911 terror attack.

2002, shot 52-episode TV documentary “Chinese Americans”. The documentary was broadcast in China and caused great attention and discussion. President Ms. Yiling Li herself was the director and host.

From 2002 to the Present—Organized and presented numerous performances for kindergartens, schools, universities, libraries, and police departments.

Since 2002, has organized various charitable donations, raised funds for the Hope Project in Yunnan, China. So far, four primary schools have been built in Yunnan with the donations.

2007, received one of the top ten producers and directors Mr. Ma Runsheng from China.

February 2008, launched Ms. Yiling Li’s autobiography “Dreams Come True” at New York Library and at the U.N. Headquarters in New York. President of Brooklyn, New York City, Mr. Marty Markovitz proclaimed February 8th, 2008 as “Ms. Yiling Li’s Dreams Come True Day in Brooklyn.”

August 2008, organized U.S. companies and non-profit organizations to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. In the same year, guided 18 guests from the United States to visit Hope Primary Schools and Dali City of Yunnan Province, China.

2009, hosted a reception, with the help of Yunnan Province, in honor of former Under Secretary-General of U.N. and President of the United Nations Association of China Mr. Jian Chen, who attended a press conference for Hope Project to help poor kids in rural areas in Yunnan.

April 2010, established the “Chinese-American Cultural Exchanges Center of Dali”. Ms. Anna Chennault served as honorary chairwoman. A major exhibition was held after the center was opened.

From July to September, 2010, hosted “Colorful Yunnan Mysterious Dali Art Exhibition in New York City “, an art exhibition showcasing folk songs and dances, ethnic customs. It was well received and covered by U.S. major media outlets and prompted U.S. tourists to go to Yunnan for sightseeing.

December 2010, attended the U.N. Correspondents Association's awards ceremony, presented a piece of calligraphy “Good Luck” by Professor Mr. Guodong Li to the U.N. Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon.

December 2010 to February 2011, at the invitation of the Permanent Mission of China, UCT made dresses with Chinese characteristics, for the spouses of the ambassadors of Security Council countries, as gifts of China, the rotating chairman of U.N. Security Council for the February of 2011.

January 2011, attended the opening ceremony of Ms. Yiling Li Hope Primary School in Yunnan Province.

April 8, 2011, at the invitation of the Permanent Mission of China, participated a fund-raising charity event held at the Mission and donated Professor Mr. Guodong Li calligraphy “Boundless Love” for silent auction, which won the highest bid that day.

April 20-29th, 2011, at the United Nations on Chinese Language Day, UCT presented the “Prof. Guodong Li Calligraphy Exhibition” at U.N. U.N. Under Secretary-General Mr. Kiyotaka Akasaka, Chinese Permanent Representative Ambassador Mr. Baodong Li, the Chinese Consul General in New York Mr. Peng Keyu attended the opening ceremony. Media gave extensive coverage of the event. Mr. Guodong Li 's calligraphy with its unique charm had quite an impact.

May 2011, held “Prof. Guodong Li Calligraphy Exhibition” at the Beijing Cultural Palace of Nationalities.

June 10-12th, 2011, held “Guodong Li Calligraphy Exhibition” at the Military Academy History Museum of Yunnan.

August 2011, with the cooperation U.N. Chinese Calligraphy institution, held the “Peace and Love “Prof. Guodong Li and Prof. Linxu Wang, Art Exhibition in United Nation. Hundreds of honored guests attended the opening ceremony.

August-October 2011, held “Yunnan Art Festival” in New York and New Jersey, showcasing unique arts and culture of the ethnic minorities in Yunnan, China.

December 2011, cohosted United Nations “Peace and Development Healthy and cultural forum”.

March 2012, UCT and Future China Columbia University cohosted the lecture of Hyper-Realism Art by Mr. Lingxu Wang, the famous painter and Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference of China.

May 2012, cohosted charitable fashion show called “Women for Children” performed by ambassadors’ wives of more than 40 countries.

June to July 2012, with the United Nations and the Portuguese association, held the “Ms. Lydia Reinhold and Prof. Guodong Li Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition” at the United Nations. Mrs. Jiwen Pan, Mrs Chunze Liu and Permanent Mission of China to the U.N. Mr. Baodong Li and his wife and other U.N. ambassadors attended the opening ceremony.

July 2012, invited by Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), held the “Ms. Lydia Reinhold and Mr. Guodong Li Painting and Calligraphy Art Lecture”. It had opened a new road for world peace, friendship, and new form of arts.

July 2012, invited by Future China Columbia University. The well-known calligrapher Mr. Guodong Li gave a lecture to the Teachers College, Columbia University entitled “The grace lying in the traditional Chinese Calligraphy”.

August 2012, invited by Canada Toronto Metropolitan Museum of Art, held the “Mr. Guodong Li Painting and Calligraphy World Exhibition”, and Prof. Guodong Li was awarded an honorary citizen badge of Toronto by the mayor.

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